The Crime Writers' Association

Self-Published/Hybrid Membership form

    Main eligible work

    The “main eligible work” is the work or body of work on which you rely as qualifying you for membership. It must be (i) a published full-length novel or work of non-fiction or (ii) a published body of work, all with a significant crime element, totalling a minimum of 65,000 words. This total can be attained through one full-length novel or non-fiction work and/or several novellas and/or a collection of short stories or essays published in one anthology or a range of anthologies. The crime element must be evident in all pieces of work whether fiction or non-fiction. The work or works may be for adults or young adults.

    Please set out details of your main eligible work(s) here in which you attain the 65,000 words.

    Please only detail one book here if that is over 65,000 words.

    Your eligibility will be assessed against an array of criteria aimed at establishing your professionalism as a crime writer. Each criterion awards a number of points. To be eligible you must attain 8 points.

    Please read through the form before starting to complete it.

    1. Additional work: 2 points

    2. Membership of other organisations: 2 points

    The Society of AuthorsThe Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)The Historical Writers’ AssociationThe Romantic Novelists’ AssociationThe Writers’ Guild of Great BritainAmerican: Mystery Writers of AmericaAmerican: International Thriller WritersAmerican: Writers’ Guild of America (East or West)Canadian: Crime Writers of CanadaAustralia: Australian Crime Writers Association

    (Membership of one of the above associations is sufficient to secure the maximum 2 points; additional points are not awarded for membership of multiple organisations. If you are a member of a similar but unlisted organisation, please provide its name and details, and inclusion will be considered by the Membership Secretary whose decision on the issue will be final.)

    3. Writing awards: 2 points

    Have your books won or been shortlisted for any awards? An admissible award may be aimed at self-published writers or otherwise, and need not be a crime-writing award. The CWA Membership Secretary reserves the right to ascertain those awards deemed to be of sufficient standing and/or relevance.

    For a maximum of 2 points, please complete the details below.

    4. Sales: 2 points

    To gain points, you will be asked to provide evidence of sales of the main eligible work. Please supply statements from Amazon or from an author services publisher such as Matador. You need only fulfil one of the following criteria for the 2 points, and additional points are not gained by fulfilling multiple criteria. Over a 12-month period, can you demonstrate sales as follows?

    300 print books

    500 ebooks

    a minimum of 7000 pages read per Kindle Normalised Page Count

    5A. Professional editing: 2 points

    Has the main eligible work been the subject of an independent professional critique and/or structural/developmental editing?

    Critique and/or structural/developmental editing

    5B. Professional editing: 3 points

    Has the main eligible work undergone independent professional line or copy-editing and/or proofreading?

    Line- or copy-editing and/or proofreading

    6. Professional book cover design: 2 points

    Is the cover for your main eligible work designed by a professional?

    Professional book cover designer

    7. Professional shop window: 2 points maximum

    Can you demonstrate that you have, and maintain:


    8. Testimonials: 1 point

    Can three current members of the CWA recommend your crime writing?