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Robert James Bridge.Robert James Bridge


Robert James Bridge began writing fictional crime many years ago and crime and the “who done it” theory remains a passion. Robert thinks even today many readers and writers cannot wait to see who did the actual crime. Fascinated by this many years ago he felt himself drawn to the world of books and adult fictional crime. After writing four books in a series he turned to historical fiction only to find himself drawn back to the fifth in his crime series – which currently is only in his head. A story of how Jim Bent finds himself in a collaboration with his counterpart from America who is deep undercover.

Robert decided to centre his books on one character, Jim Bent, since he has a glowing career as a cop in the Metropolitan Police and only took early retirement because of the wound he received whilst apprehending a robber. After fifteen years as a cop in and around the back streets of London, England, Jim decides its time he took things early. But was he wrong when of all things he becomes a private investigator on the very streets he had worked on whilst a cop. Streets we working folk were unaware existed, streets of the seedy underworld of Pimps, Working Girls and Their minders.


Books by Robert James Bridge

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