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Dougie Brimson

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Perhaps best known for penning the multi-award winning feature film Green Street, former serviceman Dougie Brimson is an accomplished author with over a million books sold worldwide.

Having written 17 books in different genre ranging from sports non-fiction to comedy, amongst his most popular works are his thrillers, The Crew and Top Dog which feature an Essex gang leader who makes the transition from the terraces to the world of extortion, organised crime and even murder in his quest for power and influence.

First released in 2000, The Crew has sat in the top 2 of its Amazon chart for over 9 years following its release in ebook format whilst Top Dog spawned an award winning movie having been adapted for the screen by the author himself.

The third book on the trilogy, In The Know, was released on May 14th 2020 and so popular has it been that not only are talks underway for a move to the big screen but there may yet be a fourth chapter in the story of his central character, Billy Evans.

As a screenwriter, Dougie has three award winning features on his resume. Aside from the aforementioned Green Street, in 2014 he adapted his own crime novel, Top Dog for the screen and then went on to co-write the multi-award winning urban thriller, We Still Kill The Old Way.

Books by Dougie Brimson

  • The Crew


  • Top Dog


  • In The Know