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Jane G Harlond

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Secret agents, skulduggery, crime and romance . . .

J.G. Harlond (Jane) writes page-turning historical crime stories set in the mid-seventeenth and early twentieth centuries. Each novel weaves fictional characters into real events.

Having  finished The Chosen Man Trilogy (Penmore Press), in which the wily Genoese merchant and secret agent Ludo da Portovenere makes mischief in Europe and beyond during the 1600s, Jane is currently writing the Bob Robbins Home Front Mystery Series about the reluctant wartime detective, dumpy, grumpy Bob Robbins from Local Resistance.

Originally from the Devon, Jane has lived in various countries but is now settled in Málaga, Spain with her Spanish husband. Ten years ago she gave up a safe and successful career in international education to become a full-time author, and has never regretted it.

Other Awards

Readers’ Favourite 5 star Fiction awards for each book in The Chosen Man Trilogy.

Discovering Diamonds ‘Discovered Diamond’ awards for The Chosen Man Trilogy and Local Resistance.

Chill with a Book Readers’ Award: Private Lives

Books by Jane G Harlond

  • A Turning Wind


  • By Force of Circumstance


  • The Chosen Man


  • The Empress Emerald


  • Local Resistance


  • Private Lives


  • Courting Danger