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Gordon Kerr

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In June 2019 I published my first novel – The Partisan Heart (Muswell Press), a story of love, war, crime and betrayal, set mostly in the Valtellina in north Italy during the dark days of the Second World War and in 1999. An Italian partisan, fighting in the Italian Alps, falls in love with the wife of his commander. No good can come of it. Meanwhile, in 1999, Michael Keats, having lost his wife in a hit-and-run incident, learns that she has been having an affair. His efforts to discover the identity of her lover, lead him to the Valtellina where the brutal repercussions of war still reverberate. As he uncovers the truth of his wife’s affair, Michael reveals five decades of duplicity and deception.

I was born in East Kilbride and studied English and the History of Fine Art at Glasgow University. After a number of years in the wine trade, I worked in marketing for Waterstone’s and Bloomsbury Publishing. I have been a writer all my life, but professionally for more than fifteen years, publishing books in a variety of genres, including history, art, travel and biography.

Books by Gordon Kerr

  • The Partisan Heart