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Charles E McGarry

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Charles E. McGarry lives in Glasgow where he was born and bred, although he spent several years living in London and Edinburgh. He has played in bands, is widely travelled and graduated from Glasgow University in 1994 with an honours degree in History and Politics. He currently works as a newspaper page designer and sub-editor, having formerly been a business analyst for British Telecom. He is the co-author of The Road to Lisbon. His debut crime novel The Ghost of Helen Addison was published by Polygon in 2017.

Charles’s second crime novel The Shadow of the Black Earl is published on 7 September by Polygon. In it, Leo Moran – connoisseur, private investigator, seer of visions – sets out from the splendid isolation of his Glasgow apartment to spend the summer at Biggnarbriggs Hall, the stately residence of his friend Fordyce Greatorix. He is overjoyed when romance blossoms unexpectedly, but he finds himself plagued by visions after a local girl goes missing, an incident which has chilling echoes of a similar disappearance thirty years previously. As he investigates a host of curious and dubious characters, Leo finds that the very bedrock which surrounds Biggnarbriggs Hall is poisoned by an ancient malevolence that will have its terrible reckoning.

Books by Charles E McGarry

  • The Ghost of Helen Addison

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  • The Shadow of the Black Earl

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