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Jamie Morgan Kane


Jamie Morgan Kane – I was born on the Isle of Man, where at 6 months of age my paternal grandmother had me sent away to an orphanage in Canada. Then at about 1 yr old I was “illegally” taken into the United States by the woman who had brought me from the Isle, and then she raised me as her son (using my birth mother’s identity) until I was 14. Finally in ill heath she sold me to a family who had lost a son and needed to replace him, it turned out that the man who purchased me was friends with President Richard Nixon and some of the Watergate plumbers , such as G.Gordon Liddy.  It would come at a point in the early 1980’s that he would realize I may become a threat if an investigation was done on where I came from, and he used his influence with those in the California Judicial system to put me in a position that I would go to prison for a crime I didn’t commit and I would end up serving 34 1/2 years before finally being released and deported back to the UK in 2018.

At 64 years old, having been away from the UK for 63 1/2 years and having spent half my life and 2/3 thirds of my adult life in prison I am now trying to build a life for myself.  I have found it much easier than most thought to adjust to London, where I currently live.  I was able to go to the Isle of Man twice last year and yes, it felt like HOME, and is where I hope to one day live again.

During my time in prison, I was at 9 different prisons (2 of them twice), the better known ones I served time at were Folsom, San Quentin, Deuel Vocational Institution (commonily called “Gladiator school”) and California Mens Colony (known as the Home of the Stars, as it is where many celebrities served their time).  I knew and spoke to some of the more notorious inmates, such as Charie Manson, Charles “Tex” Watson, Ed Kemper, Herbie Mullins, the Chowcilla Kidnappers etc.   If someone is writing about prison and or these types of characters I would be more than willing to share my experiences with them .

Books by Jamie Morgan Kane

  • 34 Years in Hell