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Steve Robinson

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Steve Robinson drew upon his own family history for inspiration when he imagined the life and quest of his genealogist-hero, Jefferson Tayte. The talented London-based crime writer, who was first published at age 16, always wondered about his own maternal grandfather – ‘He was an American GI billeted in England during the Second World War,’ Robinson says. ‘A few years after the war ended he went back to America, leaving a young family behind and, to my knowledge, no further contact was made. I traced him to Los Angeles through his 1943 enlistment record and discovered that he was born in Arkansas…’ Robinson cites crime writing and genealogy as ardent hobbies – a passion that is readily apparent in his work.

Books by Steve Robinson

  • In the Blood

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  • To the Grave

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  • In the Blood The Last Queen of England

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  • Last Queen of England The Lost Empress