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Cal Smyth

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After a businessman is murdered in Belgrade, Inspector Marko Despotović uncovers a web of corruption over the Balkan heroin route. Can he survive and keep his family safe? 

‘Dark as Turkish coffee, with a hit of rakija and a touch of genocide’

Cal Smyth’s new thriller The Balkan Route is published by Fahrenheit Press – the first in a series of Balkan Noir novels. After being awarded a research bursary, Cal interviewed a police inspector in Belgrade. He was assisted by a linguist with a bullet in her leg who provided insights into the Serbian underworld.

Cal has lived in Serbia, Japan, Italy and the UK. He has met wanted criminals, interviewed police inspectors and escaped NATO bombing. He’s had three novels published and his new Balkan Noir series is being published by Fahrenheit Press. He teaches creative writing, has an MA in Screenwriting and lives with his son.

Books by Cal Smyth

  • The Balkan Route