The Crime Writers' Association

International 2015

Andreas Norman
tr. Ian Giles
Into a Raging Blaze


On the hunt for a terrorist threat The real danger is closer to home Carina Dymek works for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Until she accidentally exposes secret plans for a European Spy Agency. Suspended, investigated, on the radar of the Security Service, she is fighting to clear her name. But now MI6 are watching. And their plans for her are just beginning.An explosive exposé of Anglo-American spying and surveillance in a thriller that anticipated the Snowden revations, from a former Swedish Foreign Ministry official.

Andreas Norman worked for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for ten years on security issues and Counter-Terrorism, working in North Africa and the Middle East throughout the Arab Spring. Now a full-time writer, Into a Raging Blaze is his first novel. He lives in Malmö, Sweden.