The Crime Writers' Association

2006: Crimes of Identity

The 2006 showcase of short fiction from the CWA celebrates the ‘who’ in the whodunnit, the psyche behind the psychological profile… Husbands lead double lives, psychologists confuse perpetrators with ex-partners, neighbours reassess the people they thought they knew. It seems if there’s one thing you can’t classify or slap an ID card on, it’s the id.

I.D. is edited by Martin Edwards, and includes stories from Michael Jecks – Bill Kirton – Peter Lovesey – Stuart Pawson – Christine Poulson – Zoë Sharp – Frank Tallis – Yvonne Eve Walus – Carla Banks – Tonino Benacquista – Robert Barnard – Natasha Cooper – Mat Coward – Martin Edwards – Kate Ellis – Paul A Freeman – Edward D Hoch.

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