The Crime Writers' Association

Winners archive table

Dagger Year Winner Author Translated by
CWA Award 1992 Black August Timothy Williams
CWA Award 1991 Gaudi Afternoon Barbara Wilson
CWA Award 1990 Vendetta Michael Dibdin
Debut Dagger 2021 Deception Hannah Redding
Debut Dagger 2020 Revolution Never Lies Josephine Moulds
Debut Dagger 2019 Shelley Burr Wake
Debut Dagger 2018 The Eternal Life of Ezra Ben Simeon Bill Crotty
Debut Dagger 2017 Strange Fire Sherry Rankin
Debut Dagger 2016 Wimmera Mark Brandi
Debut Dagger 2015 Last of the Soho Legends Greg Keen
Debut Dagger 2014 The Movement Jody Sabral
Debut Dagger 2013 Call Time Finn Clarke
Debut Dagger 2012 Beached Sandy Gingras
Debut Dagger 2011 Hidden Lies Michele Rowe
Debut Dagger 2010 A Place of Dying Patrick Eden
Debut Dagger 2009 The Pathologist Catherine O'Keefe
Debut Dagger 2008 Western Fringes Amer Anwar
Debut Dagger 2007 The Sweetness At the Bottom of the Pie Alan Bradley
Debut Dagger 2006 Imprint of the Raj D V Wesselmann
Debut Dagger 2005 The Woman Before Me Ruth Dugdall
Debut Dagger 2004 The Doll Makers Ellen Grubb
Debut Dagger 2003 The Cuckoo Kirsty Evans
Debut Dagger 2002 Sugarmilk Falls Ilona van Mil
Debut Dagger 2001 Clea’s Moon Edward Wright
Debut Dagger 2000 A Flowery Death Simon Levack
Debut Dagger 1999 Blood Junction Caroline Carver
Debut Dagger 1998 Stone Baby Joolz Denby
Diamond 2021 Martina Cole
Diamond 2020 Martin Edwards
Diamond 2019 Robert Goddard
Diamond 2018 Michael Connelly
Diamond 2017 Ann Cleeves
Diamond 2016 Peter James
Diamond 2015 Catherine Aird
Diamond 2014 Simon Brett
Diamond 2013 Lee Child
Diamond 2012 Frederick Forsyth
Diamond 2011 Lindsey Davis
Diamond 2010 Val McDermid
Diamond 2009 Andrew Taylor
Diamond 2008 Sue Grafton
Diamond 2007 John Harvey
Diamond 2006 Elmore Leonard
Diamond 2005 Ian Rankin
Diamond 2004 Lawrence Block
Diamond 2003 Robert Barnard
Diamond 2002 Sara Paretsky
Diamond 2001 Lionel Davidson
Diamond 2000 Peter Lovesey
Diamond 1999 Margaret Yorke
Diamond 1998 Ed McBain
Diamond 1997 Colin Dexter
Diamond 1996 H.R.F Keating
Diamond 1995 Reginald Hill
Diamond 1994 Michael Gilbert
Diamond 1993 Ellis Peters
Diamond 1992 Leslie Charteris
Diamond 1991 Ruth Rendell
Diamond 1990 Julian Symons
Diamond 1989 Dick Francis
Diamond 1988 John le Carré
Diamond 1987 P D James
Diamond 1986 Eric Ambler
Gold 2021 We Begin at the End Chris Whitaker
Gold 2020 Good Girl, Bad Girl Michael Robotham
Gold 2019 The Puppet Show M W Craven
Gold 2018 The Liar Steve Cavanagh
Gold 2017 The Dry Jane Harper
Gold 2016 Dodgers Bill Beverly
Gold 2015 Life or Death Michael Robotham
Gold 2014 This Dark Road to Mercy Wiley Cash
Gold 2013 Dead Lions Mick Herron
Gold 2012 The Rage Gene Kerrigan
Gold 2011 Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Tom Franklin
Gold 2010 Blacklands Belinda Bauer
Gold 2009 A Whispered Name William Brodrick
Gold 2008 Blood From Stone Frances Fyfield
Gold 2007 The Broken Shore Peter Temple
Gold 2006 Raven Black Ann Cleeves
Gold 2005 Silence of the Grave Arnaldur Indri_ason
Gold 2004 Blacklist Sara Paretsky
Gold 2003 Fox Evil Minette Walters
Gold 2002 The Athenian Murders Jose Carlos Samoza
Gold 2001 Sidetracked Henning Mankell
Gold 2000 Motherless Brooklyn Jonathan Lethem
Gold 1999 A Small Death in Lisbon Robert Wilson
Gold 1998 Sunset Limited James Lee Burke
Gold 1997 Black and Blue Ian Rankin
Gold 1996 Popcorn Ben Elton
Gold 1995 The Mermaids Singing Val McDermid
Gold 1994 The Schold’s Bridle Minette Walters
Gold 1993 Cruel and Unusual Patricia Cornwell
Gold 1992 The Way Through the Woods Colin Dexter
Gold 1991 King Solomon’s Carpet Barbara Vine
Gold 1990 Bones and Silence Reginald Hill
Gold 1989 The Wench is Dead Colin Dexter
Gold 1988 Ratking Michael Dibdin
Gold 1987 A Fatal Inversion Barbara Vine
Gold 1986 Live Flesh Ruth Rendell
Gold 1985 Monkey Puzzle Paula Gosling
Gold 1984 The Twelfth Juror B.M. Gill
Gold 1983 Accidental Crimes John Hutton
Gold 1982 The False Inspector Dew Peter Lovesey
Gold 1981 Gorky Park Martin Cruz Smith
Gold 1980 The Murder of the Maharajah H.R.F Keating
Gold 1979 Whip Hand Dick Francis
Gold 1978 The Chelsea Murders Lionel Davidson
Gold 1977 The Honourable Schoolboy John le Carr
Gold 1976 A Demon in my View Ruth Rendell
Gold 1975 The seven per cent solution Nicholas Meyer
Gold 1974 Other Paths to Glory Anthony Price
Gold 1973 The Defection of A.J Lewinter Robert Littell
Gold 1972 The Levanter Eric Ambler
Gold 1971 The Steam Pig James McClure
Gold 1970 Young Man I Think You’re Dying Joan Fleming
Gold 1969 A Pride of Heroes Peter Dickinson
Gold 1968 Skin Deep (The Glass-sided Ants’ Nest) Peter Dickinson
Gold 1967 Murder Against the Grain Emma Lathen
Gold 1966 A Long Way to Shiloh Lionel Davidson
Gold 1965 The Far Side of the Dollar Ross Macdonald
Gold 1964 The Perfect Murder H.R.F Keating
Gold 1963 The Spy Who Came In From The Cold John le Carr
Gold 1962 When I Grow Rich Joan Fleming
Gold 1961 The Spoilt Kill Mary Kelly
Gold 1960 The Night of Wenceslas Lionel Davidson
Crossed Herrings 1959 Passage of Arms Eric Ambler
Crossed Herrings 1958 Someone from the Past Margot Bennett
Crossed Herrings 1957 The Colour of Murder Julian Symons
Crossed Herrings 1956 The Second Man Edward Grierson
Crossed Herrings 1955 The Little Walls Winston Graham
Non-fiction 2021 Written in Bone Sue Black
Non-fiction 2020 Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud and the Last Trial of Harper Lee Casey Cep
Non-fiction 2019 The Spy and the Traitor Ben Macintyre
Non-fiction 2018 Blood on the Page Thomas Harding
Non-fiction 2017 Close But No Cigar: A True Story of Prison Life in Castro’s Cuba Stephen Purvis
Non-fiction 2016 You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat] Andrew Hankinson
Non-fiction 2015 In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile Dan Davies
Non-fiction 2014 The Siege Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott-Clark
Non-fiction 2013 Midnight in Peking Paul French
Non-fiction 2012 The Eleventh Day Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan
Non-fiction 2011 The Killer of Little Shepherds Douglas Starr
Non-fiction 2010 Aftermath: The Omagh Bombing and the Families’ Pursuit of Justice Ruth Dudley Edwards
Non-fiction 2008 Nationality: Wog – The Hounding of David Oluwale Kester Aspden
Non-fiction 2006 The Dagenham Murder Linda Rhodes, Lee Shelden and Kathryn Abnett
Non-fiction 2005 On The Run Gregg and Gina Hill
Non-fiction 2004 Cosa Nostra John Dickie
Non-fiction 2004 The Italian Boy Sarah Wise
Non-fiction 2003 Pointing from the Grave Samantha Weinberg
Non-fiction 2002 Dead Man’s Wages Lillian Pizzichini
Non-fiction 2001 The Infiltrators Philip Etienne and Martin Maynard (with Tony Thompson)
Non-fiction 2000 Mr Blue Edward Bunker
Non-fiction 1999 The Case of Stephen Lawrence Brian Cathcart
Non-fiction 1998 Cries Unheard Gitta Sereny
Non-fiction 1997 The Jigsaw Man Paul Britton
Non-fiction 1996 The Gunpowder Plot Antonia Fraser
Non-fiction 1995 Dead Not Buried Martin Beales
Non-fiction 1994 Criminal Shadows David Canter
Non-fiction 1993 Murder in the Heart Alexandra Artley
Non-fiction 1992 The Reckoning Charles Nicholl
Non-fiction 1991 Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair John Bossy
Non-fiction 1990 The Passing of Starr Faithful Jonathan Goodman
Non-fiction 1989 A Gathering of Saints Robert Lindsay
Non-fiction 1988 The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln Bernard Wasserstein
Non-fiction 1987 Perfect Murder Benard Taylor with Stephen Knight
Non-fiction 1986 Evil Angels John Bryson
Non-fiction 1985 Killing for Company Brian Masters
Non-fiction 1984 In God’s Name David Yallop
Non-fiction 1983 Double Dealer Peter Watson
Non-fiction 1982 Earth to Earth John Cornwell
Non-fiction 1981 Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without A Number Jacobo Timerman
Non-fiction 1980 Conspiracy Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan
Non-fiction 1979 Rachman Shirley Green
Non-fiction 1979 Fraud Jon Connell/Douglas Sutherland
Non-fiction 1978 The Mystery of the Princes Audrey Williamson
Non-fiction 1978 The Capture of the Black Panther Harry Hawkes
Historical 2021 Midnight at Malabar House Vaseem Khan
Historical 2020 Death in the East Abir Mukherjee
Historical 2019 Destroying Angel S G MacLean
Historical 2018 Nucleus Rory Clements
Historical 2017 A Rising Man Abir Mukherjee
Historical 2016 Stasi Child David Young
Historical 2015 The Seeker S.G. MacLean
Historical 2014 Devil in the Marshalsea Antonia Hodgson
Historical 2013 The Scent of Death Andrew Taylor
Historical 2012 Icelight Aly Monroe
Historical 2011 The Somme Stations Andrew Martin
Historical 2010 Revenger Rory Clements
Historical 2009 If The Dead Rise Not Philip Kerr
Historical 2008 Stratton’s War Laura Wilson
Historical 2007 Mistress of the Art of Death Ariana Franklin
Historical 2006 Red Sky Lament Edward Wright
Historical 2005 Dark Fire CJ Sansom
Historical 2004 The Damascened Blade Barbara Cleverly
Historical 2003 The American Boy Andrew Taylor
Historical 2002 Fingersmith Sarah Waters
Historical 2001 The Office of the Dead Andrew Taylor
Historical 2000 Absent Friends Gillian Linscott
Historical 1999 Two for the Lions Lindsey Davis
Steel - Ian Fleming 2021 When She Was Good Michael Robotham
Steel - Ian Fleming 2020 November Road Lou Berney
Steel - Ian Fleming 2019 To The Lions Holly Watt
Steel - Ian Fleming 2018 Bluebird, Bluebird Attica Locke
Steel - Ian Fleming 2017 Spook Street Mick Herron
Steel - Ian Fleming 2016 The Cartel Don Winslow
Steel - Ian Fleming 2015 Cop Town Karin Slaughter
Steel - Ian Fleming 2014 An Officer and A Spy Robert Harris
Steel - Ian Fleming 2013 Ghostman Roger Hobbs
Steel - Ian Fleming 2012 A Foreign Country Charles Cumming
Steel - Ian Fleming 2011 The Lock Artists Steve Hamilton
Steel - Ian Fleming 2010 A Loyal Spy Simon Conway
Steel - Ian Fleming 2009 The Last Child John Hart
Steel - Ian Fleming 2008 Child 44 Tom Rob Smith
Steel - Ian Fleming 2007 Sharp Objects Gillian Flynn
Steel - Ian Fleming 2006 Mr Clarinet Nick Stone
Steel - Ian Fleming 2005 Brandeburg Henry Porter
Steel - Ian Fleming 2004 Gardens of Beasts Jeffery Deaver
Steel - Ian Fleming 2003 The Small Boat of Great Sorrows Dan Fesperman
Steel - Ian Fleming 2002 The Sirius Crossing John Creed
International 2021 The Disaster Tourist Yun Ko-eun Lizzie Buehler
International 2020 The Godmother Hannelore Cayre Stephanie Smee
International 2019 A Long Night in Paris Dov Alfon Daniella Zamir
International 2018 After the Fire Henning Mankell Marlaine Delargy
International 2017 The Dying Detective Leif G W Persson Neil Smith
International 2016 The Great Swindle Pierre Lemaître Frank Wynne
International 2015 Camille Pierre Lemaitre Frank Wynne
International 2014 The Siege Arturo Perez-Reverte Frank Wynne
International 2013 Ghost Riders of Ordebec Fred Vargas
International 2013 Alex Pierre Lemaitre
International 2012 The Potter’s Field Andrea Camilleri
International 2011 Three Seconds Anders Roslund & B
International 2010 The Darkest Room Johan Theorin
International 2009 The Chalk Circle Man Fred Vargas
International 2008 Lorraine Connection Dominique Manotti
International 2007 Wash this Blood Clean from my Hand Fred Vargas
International 2006 The Three Evangelists Fred Vargas
John Creasey (New Blood) 2021 The Creak on the Stairs Eva Björg Ægisdóttir
John Creasey (New Blood) 2020 The Man on the Street Trevor Wood
John Creasey (New Blood) 2019 Scrublands Chris Hammer
John Creasey (New Blood) 2018 Lola Melissa Scrivner Love
John Creasey (New Blood) 2017 Tall Oaks Chris Whitaker
John Creasey (New Blood) 2016 Dodgers Bill Beverly
John Creasey (New Blood) 2015 Fourth of July Creek Smith Henderson
John Creasey (New Blood) 2014 The Axeman’s Jazz Ray Celestin
John Creasey (New Blood) 2013 Norwegian By Night Derek B Miller
John Creasey (New Blood) 2012 A Land More Kind than Home Wiley Cash
John Creasey (New Blood) 2011 Before I Go To Sleep S.J Watson
John Creasey (New Blood) 2010 Acts of Violence Ryan David Jahn
John Creasey (New Blood) 2009 Echoes from the Dead Johan Theorin
John Creasey (New Blood) 2008 The Bethlehem Murders Matt Rees
John Creasey (New Blood) 2007 Sharp Objects Gillian Flynn
John Creasey (New Blood) 2006 Still Life Louise Penny
John Creasey (New Blood) 2005 Running Hot Dreda Say Mitchell
John Creasey (New Blood) 2004 Amagansett Mark Mills
John Creasey (New Blood) 2003 Mission Flats William Landay
John Creasey (New Blood) 2002 The Cutting Room Louise Welsh
John Creasey (New Blood) 2001 The Earthquake Bird Susanna Jones
John Creasey (New Blood) 2000 God is a Bullet Boston Teran
John Creasey (New Blood) 1999 Lie in the Dark Dan Fesperman
John Creasey (New Blood) 1998 Garnet Hill Denise Mina
John Creasey (New Blood) 1997 Body Politic Paul Johnston
John Creasey (New Blood) 1995 A Grave Talent Laurie R King
John Creasey (New Blood) 1995 One for the Money Janet Evanovich
John Creasey (New Blood) 1994 Big Town Doug J Swanson
John Creasey (New Blood) 1992 The Ice House Minette Walters
John Creasey (New Blood) 1991 Devil in a Blue Dress Walter Mosley
John Creasey (New Blood) 1990 Postmortem Patricia Cornwell
John Creasey (New Blood) 1989 A Real Shot in the Arm Annette Roome
John Creasey (New Blood) 1988 Death’s Bright Angel Janet Neel
John Creasey (New Blood) 1987 Dark Apostle Denis Kilcommons
John Creasey (New Blood) 1986 Tinplates Neville Steed
John Creasey (New Blood) 1985 The Latimer Mercy Robert Richardson
John Creasey (New Blood) 1984 A Very Private Enterprise Elizbeth Ironside
John Creasey (New Blood) 1983 The Night the Gods Smiled Eric Wright
John Creasey (New Blood) 1983 The Ariadne Clue Carol Clemeau
John Creasey (New Blood) 1982 Caroline Miniscule Andrew Taylor
John Creasey (New Blood) 1981 The Ludi Victor James Leigh
John Creasey (New Blood) 1980 Dupe Liza Cody
John Creasey (New Blood) 1979 A Running Duck Paula Gosling
John Creasey (New Blood) 1978 Saturday of Glory David Serafin
John Creasey (New Blood) 1977 The Judas Pair Jonathan Gash
John Creasey (New Blood) 1976 Death of a Thin Skinned Animal Patrick Alexander
John Creasey (New Blood) 1975 Acid Drop Sara George
John Creasey (New Blood) 1974 The Big Fix Roger L Simon
John Creasey (New Blood) 1973 Don’t Point That Thing at Me Kyril Bonfiglioli
Last Laugh 1995 Laurence Shames
Last Laugh 1994 Simon Shaw
Last Laugh 1993 Michael Pearce
Last Laugh 1992 Carl Hiaasen
Last Laugh 1991 Mike Riply
Last Laugh 1990 Simon Shaw
Last Laugh 1989 Mike Ripley
Last Laugh 1988 Nancy Livingstone
Dagger in the Library 2021 Peter May
Dagger in the Library 2020 Christopher Brookmyre
Dagger in the Library 2019 Kate Ellis
Dagger in the Library 2018 Martin Edwards Martin Edwards
Dagger in the Library 2017 Mari Hannah
Dagger in the Library 2016 Elly Griffiths
Dagger in the Library 2015 Christopher Fowler
Dagger in the Library 2014 S J Bolton
Dagger in the Library 2013 Belinda Bauer
Dagger in the Library 2012 Steve Mosby
Dagger in the Library 2011 Mo Hayder
Dagger in the Library 2010 Ariana Franklin
Dagger in the Library 2009 Colin Cotterill
Dagger in the Library 2008 Craig Russell
Dagger in the Library 2007 Stuart MacBride
Dagger in the Library 2006 Jim Kelly
Dagger in the Library 2005 Jake Arnott
Dagger in the Library 2004 Alexander McCall Smith
Dagger in the Library 2003 Stephen Booth
Dagger in the Library 2002 Peter Robinson
Dagger in the Library 1996 Marian Babson
Dagger in the Library 1995 Lindsey Davis
Publishers' Dagger 2021 Head of Zeus
Publishers' Dagger 2020 Orenda Books
Publishers' Dagger 2019 No Exit Press
Rumpole Award 1992 Hatred And Contempt Peter Rawlinson
Rumpole Award 1990 Trial By Fire Frances Fyfield
Short Story 2021 Monsters Clare Mackintosh
Short Story 2020 #Me Too Lauren Henderson
Short Story 2019 The Dummies’ Guide to Serial Killing Danuta Reah
Short Story 2018 Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Denise Mina
Short Story 2017 The Trials of Margaret in Motives for Murder L C Tyler
Short Story 2016 On the Anatomization of an Unknown Man (1637) By Frans Mier John Connolly
Short Story 2015 Apocrypha Richard Lange
Short Story 2014 Fedora by John Harvey in Deadly Pleasures John Harvey
Short Story 2013 Come Away With Me Stella Duffy
Short Story 2012 The Message Margaret Murphy
Short Story 2012 Laptop Cath Staincliffe
Short Story 2011 Homework Phil Lovesey
Short Story 2010 Can You Help Me Out Robert Ferrigno
Short Story 2009 One Serving of Bad Luck Sean Chercover
Short Story 2008 The Bookbinder’s Apprentice Martin Edwards
Short Story 2007 Needle Match Peter Lovesey
Short Story 2006 Sins of Scarlett Robert Barnard
Short Story 2005 No Flies on Frank Danuta Reah
Short Story 2004 The Weekender Jeffery Deaver
Short Story 2003 Closer to the Flame Jerry Sykes
Short Story 2002 Martha Grace Stella Duffy
Short Story 2001 Prussian Snowdrops Marion Arnott
Short Story 2000 Helena and the Babies Denise Mina
Short Story 1999 Taking Care of Frank Antony Mann
Short Story 1998 Roots Jerry Sykes
Short Story 1997 On the Psychiatrist’s Couch Reginald Hill
Short Story 1996 Herbert in Motion Ian Rankin
Short Story 1995 Funny Story Larry Beinhart
Short Story 1994 Ian Rankin
Short Story 1993 Julian Rathbone
Short Story 1991 Mary Arrigan
Short Story 1990 Colin Gray
Short Story 1989 John Davenport
Short Story 1988 Betty Rowlands
Short Story 1987 Celia Dale
Short Story 1986 Peter Lovesey
Short Story 1985 Madeleine Brent
Short Story 1984 Reginald Hill
Short Story 1983 Stanley Cohen
Short Story 1982 Madeleine Duke
Silver 2005 Deadly Webb Barbara Nadel
Silver 2004 Flesh and Blood John Harvey
Silver 2003 Half-Broken Things Morag Joss
Silver 2002 The Final Country James Crumley
Silver 2001 Forty Words for Sorrow Giles Blunt
Silver 2000 Friends in High Places Donna Leon
Silver 1999 Vienna Blood Adrian Mathews
Silver 1998 Manchester Slingback Nicholaas Blincoe
Silver 1997 Three to get Deadly Janet Evanovich
Silver 1996 Bloodhounds Peter Lovesey
Silver 1995 The Summons Peter Lovesey
Silver 1994 Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow Peter Hoeg
Silver 1993 Fatlands Sarah Dunant
Silver 1992 Bucket Nut Liza Cody
Silver 1991 Deep Sleep Frances Fyfield
Silver 1990 The Late Candidate Mike Phillips
Silver 1989 The Shadow Run Desmond Lowden
Silver 1988 Toxic Shock Sara Paretsky
Silver 1987 Presumend Innocent Scott Turow
Silver 1986 A Taste for Death PD James
Silver 1985 Last Seen Alive Dorothy Simpson
Silver 1984 The Tree of Hands Ruth Rendell
Silver 1983 The Papers of Tony Veitch William McIlvanney
Silver 1982 Ritual Murder ST Haymon
Silver 1981 The Dead of Jericho Colin Dexter
Silver 1980 Monk’s Hood Ellis Peters
Silver 1979 Service of all the Dead Colin Dexter
Silver 1979 Waxwork Peter Lovesey
Silver 1978 Laidlaw William McIlvanney
Silver 1977 Rogue Eagle James McClure
Silver 1976 The Black Tower PD James
Silver 1975 The Grosvenor Square Goodbye Francis Clifford
Silver 1974 A Coffin for Pandora Gwendoline Butler
Silver 1973 The Rainbird Pattern Victor Canning
Silver 1972 Shroud for a Nightingale PD James
Silver 1971 The Labyrinth Makers Anthony Price
Silver 1970 Another Way of Dying Francis Clifford
BCA People's Choice 2004 Reginald Hill
Police Review 1987 Snowman Roger Busby
Police Review 1986 Bill Knox
Police Review 1985 Peter N Walker writing as Andrew Arncliffe
The Red Herring Award 2019 Maxim Jakubowski
The Red Herring Award 2018 David Stuart Davies
The Red Herring Award 2018 Ali Karim
The Red Herring Award 2018 Ayo Onatade
The Red Herring Award 2018 Mike Stotter
The Red Herring Award 2017 Barry Forshaw
The Red Herring Award 2012 Bernard Knight