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Please contact the appropriate CWA officer with your enquiry.

Who to contact when?

For both general and confidential matters concerning the CWA, its publications, chapters and operation please contact the Secretary.
(NB Part-time; Dea usually works the early part of the week.)

For membership queries from non-members, please contact the Membership Secretary and/or the Secretary.

For matters connected to the Daggers, including eligibility and nomination dates and processes, contact Dagger Liaison – except for Diamond Dagger, Debut Dagger and Dagger in the Library – please address enquiries to the Secretary.

For any other queries including events, membership matters and financial issues, please contact Holly Daly (Admin) or Claire Reynolds (Accounts).

For urgent matters Admin is the best contact.


Website issues

If you have any problems viewing this site, please send as full a report as possible to the Secretary or Admin.


Looking for a speaker?

Do you need a speaker or speakers for your organization, club, library, writers’ group?
Across the country there are crime writers who have joined together into groups who would be delighted to come and speak to you.

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