The Crime Writers’ Association

Your CWA, your vote

The CWA is run by members, for members.

Most of our officers – the Chair and Vice Chairs and the Treasurer – and the Board of directors are volunteers, members who stand for election at the annual AGM. The other officers with professional responsibilities, such as the Secretary, are compensated staff but elected in the same way. All the Board members work together to advance the CWA’s causes and standing on behalf of our members.

All CWA members are eligible to attend the AGM, and all full members can vote for our officers and policies. Full, associate and corporate members can stand for election themselves and are encouraged to do so. When you join you’ll receive a welcome pack that includes information on how to take part.

In this way the CWA is a robust, democratic and diverse organisation that reflects our membership and the modern world of crime writing. We strive to fulfil the Association’s mission of promoting the crime genre in general, and our members’ work in particular.

But you don’t have to sit on the Board – or in some cases, even be a member! – to help the CWA. See the Get involved page for how you can use your talents to help keep the CWA strong, promote crime writing and further our collective causes.

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