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Jacquie Rogers – Roman historical crime

St Peters Cowleigh Bank, Malvern, Worcs.

Everything you thought you knew about the Romans… but maybe didnt?

The event is an illustrated talk and book signing hosted by the superb indie bookshop Malvern Book Cooperative, at 7.30 on 24 January, at St Peters Cowleigh Bank, Malvern, Worcs.

Jacquie Rogers – Everything you though you knew about the Romans but maybe didn’t?

Jacquie Rogers is the author of the Quintus Valerius Roman Britain mysteries. The Governor’s Man and the Carnelian Phoenix. Her books are set in early third century Britannia and the wider empire beyond.

We all what the Romans were like especially here in Britain. Legions, running water, forts and fancy villas right? Well, yes, sort of – but not really.

Jacquie’s research has dug deep into what she thought she knew, and revealed how alike, and yet different, the Roman British were from us.

Come along on 24 January, at 7.30 p, in St Peter’s Cowleigh Bank, when we’ll muddle together through the perceptions and changing facts about Roman Britain. An evening of questions, quizzes, surprises and our very own ancient history. And book signings of course.

Tickets £7.00 – Book in our shop!

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