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Barbara Nadel – Displaced and Incorruptible

Irving Levy is a man with few roots and, now that he is terminally ill, is anxious to find
anyone to whom he can leave his considerable property. When he learns that there
may be more to the disappearance of his younger sister, who disappeared when she
was a baby, he engages the services of Hakim and Arnold to investigate.
Unwittingly in mortal danger, the private detectives and Levy enter the world of
Barking Park Fair and the secrets its brightly coloured attractions conceal. Secrets
that lead them not just back to a crime committed in 1963, but to the chaotic world of
post-war Europe where few people were what they seemed.

In the backstreets of Istanbul, a young woman’s body is found. Dumped in a dustbin
and covered in cut flowers, she is the victim of a frenzied and vicious stabbing.
Inspector Ikmen discovers that the woman was well known in Istanbul. Newspapers
had been calling her the blessed woman; cured of cancer in a Christian miracle and
a proclaimed messenger of the Virgin Mary. These controversial claims had made
her fierce enemies in the predominantly Islamic community and she had unwittingly
stirred up divisions amongst the Christians of the city. But as Ikmen digs further into
the case he uncovers powerful hatred and dark secrets lurking within her family. And
to find the truth he must delve into a toxic world of fear, concealment and lies. The
question is: was this a killing in the name of faith or does the answer lie somewhere

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