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Cultural Appropriation in Literature & Writing across Cultural Boundaries

On Dec 7 @ 7pm GMT the CWA will host Dagger-winning author Vaseem Khan as he brings his Arts Council-sponsored diversity project to a close with an online presentation and Q&A. It will also see the launch of a downloadable PDF of the guidelines for authors and publishers. This event is FREE, but requires registration:

In the project, he examines the debate over who has the right to write which stories and how to write across cultural boundaries, offering thoughts from key industry stakeholders, with lessons and recommendations for best practise.

The aim of the project was simple: to provide authors and industry professionals, such as agents, editors, marketers, and other decision-makers, with advice and tools on how to tackle the issue of writing diversity into literature in a way that minimises the chances of causing offence.

In this session he will also summarise the state of diversity in the publishing industry.

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