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CWA Presents: Walking Through a Crime Scene Part 3

Part 3 – ‘Pathology Opened Up’ with Dr Marie Cassidy


Learn with the Crime Experts
24 June 7.30pm

The minds behind February’s Blending Fact and Fiction have put together a thrilling three-part series: Walking Through A Crime Scene.

Accuracy underpins plausibility in any novel, and in crime fiction, it’s imperative not to make any mistakes. The CWA’s bestselling author Sam Blake and Crime Fiction PhD student Luke Deckard are bringing an ex-senior police officer, a CSI officer, a forensic expert and a pathologist to a screen near you to describe their role and answer your questions.

Wherever you are in your writing career, discover up-to-the-minute techniques that will inspire and guide you in this fascinating series.

At this open discussion and Q&A you will learn what happens to a body when it leaves a crime scene, who looks at it and where, and what the investigation process is.

Professor Dr Marie Cassidy explains what actually happens to a body when it leaves a crime scene. Who looks at it and where, and what is the investigative process? Find out step by step from Professor Dr Marie Cassidy, who was Ireland’s State Pathologist from 2004 until 2018. During her career Dr Marie Cassidy was involved in many high-profile cases that grabbed national headlines, including the Stardust exhumation and the deaths of Siobhan Kearney, Rachel O’Reilly, Robert Holohan and Tom O’Gorman.
In her recent memoir Beyond the Tape, Dr Cassidy invites you into the world of forensic pathology, and shares her remarkable personal journey, from working-class Glasgow to becoming Ireland’s head pathologist. A fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of real-life forensics, the intricate processes central to solving modern crime, and the stories from behind the crime-scene tape.

Hosted by Sam Blake and Luke Deckard.

Tickets £5.00 per session. (Spaces are limited)

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