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The CWA Presents: Walking Through a Crime Scene Part 2

Part 2 – ‘Murder Under the Microscope’ with Dr Jim Fraser


Learn with the Crime Experts

20 May 7.30pm


The minds behind February’s Blending Fact and Fiction have put together a thrilling three-part series: Walking Through A Crime Scene.

Accuracy underpins plausibility in any novel, and in crime fiction, it’s imperative not to make any mistakes. The CWA’s bestselling author Sam Blake and Crime Fiction PhD student Luke Deckard are bringing an ex-senior police officer, a CSI officer, a forensic expert and a pathologist to a screen near you to describe their role and answer your questions.

Wherever you are in your writing career, discover up-to-the-minute techniques that will inspire and guide you in this fascinating series.

At this open discussion and Q&A you will learn who’s involved, who’s responsible for what, and crucially, what can go wrong at a crime scene!

Professor Jim Fraser

A forensic scientist who has been involved in some of the biggest cases in recent UK history, Jim will reveal what can and cannot be discovered in the lab, explaining how essential the chain of evidence is, and how evidence-gathering must be meticulous. Using real-life examples he will discuss blood spatter, DNA and fibre evidence, and answer your questions.

Professor Jim Fraser is a forensic investigator who has been involved in hundreds of murder investigations as an expert witness and cold case reviewer. He has given evidence many times as an expert witness. A Research Professor in Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde and a Commissioner on the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, he has advised many public agencies including police organisations in the UK and abroad, the Home Office, the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament. He is the author of Murder under the Microscope. Find out more at

Hosted by Sam Blake and Luke Deckard.

Tickets £5.00 per session. (Spaces are limited)

CWA members are entitled to free tickets. For your promo code, see details in News & Events in the members section or contact Admin.

Next event in the series is 24 June

Part 3 – Pathology Opened Up with Dr Marie Cassidy

24 June 7.30pm


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