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Toni Mount: Author Talk & Book Launch

Join Toni Mount on 1st June at Benson Library, Oxfordshire to launch the new murder mystery The Colour of Lies.

Toni will be talking about her writing career, writing non-fiction history books,and medieval murder mysteries, the story so far in the Sebastian Foxley series and readings from previous novels and the new book.


It is late summer and London is all a-bustle for St Bartholomew’s Fayre, with merchants arriving from faraway lands. When an old friend returns with fabulous items for sale, it can only mean one thing: trouble. As thievery, revenge and murder stalk the fayre, Sebastian Foxley – artist and sometime-sleuth – has mysteries to solve. In uncovering the answers, he becomes enmeshed in a web of lies and falsehoods. His greatest dilemma means having to choose between upholding honour and justice or saving those dearest to him. How can a truly honest citizen of London practise deceit and yet live with his conscience?

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