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Victorian Mysteries: Murder, Marvels and Morality

The CWA presents “Victorian Mysteries: Murder, Marvels, and Morality”, a talk by Linda Stratmann, Anna Mazzola and Kate Griffin!

Linda Stratmann has a virtually life-long interest in true crime, and a large collection of books on the subject. She has a passionate though not uncritical love of the Victorian period, and probably spends more time in the 19th century than the 21st.

Linda is the author of Frances Doughty Mysteries, set in 1880s Bayswater, feature a clever and determined lady detective, who has to battle wily criminals and prejudices about suitable roles for women. Through her adventures I explore aspects of Victorian life such as diet, education, medicine, women’s rights, fear of premature burial and the fashion for cycling.

In her second series, set in 1870s Brighton, Mina Scarletti is a deceptively diminutive lady with a twisted spine, whose boldness and confidence enable her to overcome her apparent disadvantages. Mina writes horror and ghost stories and exposes the activities of fraudulent spirit mediums.

Anna Mazzola writes historical crime fiction, she studied English at Oxford, before becoming a human rights and criminal justice solicitor.

Kate Griffin is the author of Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders, Set in the sleazy, fog-bound backstreets of London’s docklands during the Victorian era and featuring a crime-busting music hall trapeze artist and her unusual colleagues.

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