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Julie Anderson

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Julie Anderson’s debut mystery/crime thriller ‘Plague’ (Claret Press) is being published on 15th September, in the middle of a pandemic. She began writing it in 2018, so it isn’t a COVID novel, nor does it contain pathogens – the contagion the title refers to is power. Set in Westminster, it features a female senior civil servant, Cassandra Fortune, who left her posting at GCHQ under a cloud and now oversees small procurement projects in Whitehall. When corpses begin to turn up  Cassandra is the suitably dispensable sleuth her bosses turn to.

As J.J. Anderson she wrote historical adventure stories set in 13th century Al Andalus. The first of these ‘Reconquista’ was long listed for 2016 Mslexia Children’s Novel Prize. This was followed two years later by its sequel, ‘The Silver Rings’.

Julie was born in Worcestershire too many years ago. After university she became a teacher of English, then joined the civil service. She worked, as a senior civil servant, in a variety of government departments and NGOs, including the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Inland Revenue and the Commission for Equality and Human Rights. She lives in south London, where she helps organise the annual Clapham Book Festival and various other literary events.

You can follow Julie on social media or read about her books and other things which interest her enough to write about on her web-site at

Books by Julie Anderson

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