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Graham Bartlett

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I am an author and crime and police procedural advisor to crime authors and TV writers. The 2015 Crime Writer’s Association Diamond Dagger Award winner, Peter James and I published our  Sunday Times best selling book “Death Comes Knocking – Policing Roy Grace’s Brighton” in July 2016. It is a true life account of policing one of the UK’s most cosmopolitan cities, Brighton and Hove. With real stories, drawn from my 30 year police career we link the events, incidents and investigations I describe into the fictional world created by Peter in his Roy Grace novels.

I have been a principle procedural advisor to Peter since I retired from the police. I advise him on plots and provide  detailed guidance and feedback throughout the drafting stages of his novels, the last eleven of which are number one best sellers. I work with a number of other crime authors in the same way. I am currently supporting TV writers who are developing  police dramas.

My experience puts me in the perfect position to guide the writer and producers while recognising that ‘the story is king’ therefore helping them to achieve exhilarating narratives underpinned by authenticity.

I am currently writing a second non fiction book and a novel both, would you believe, about policing!

Books by Graham Bartlett

  • Death Comes Knocking - Policing Roy Grace's Brighton

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