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Jean Briggs

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Jean taught English and Drama in various schools, from Hong Kong to Lancashire.  She enjoyed writing plays, especially spoof murder mysteries: A is for Arsenic, B is for Bludgeon, C is for Cyanide were all set in ridiculously clichéd country houses, featuring sinister butlers and half-mad aristocrats poisoning or bashing their way to inheritances. A Lesson in Murder saw the slaughter of half a staff room by a lunatic former pupil bent on revenge –naturally, that went down very well with the pupils. The highest point of her career as a playwright came with a performance of a reduced Hamlet in the presence of The Queen – not an ideal choice, she thought afterwards – almost the entire court of Denmark slaughtered.

Then Jean retired and moved to a cottage in Cumbria. Her players were gone – and her audience.  She missed the teaching and writing. What next? A novel, perhaps? It was 2012, the bicentenary of Charles Dickens. Time to re-read him and to discover his articles on the police in his magazine Household Words. An idea was born – suppose Dickens was involved in a murder case? As far as Jean knew, he wasn’t, but he had portrayed murder and he had created detectives: the private detective Nadgett in Martin Chuzzlewit and Inspector Bucket in Bleak House. Dickens explores the psychology of the murderer; he understands human nature; he constructs a narrative; he has imagination, and he knows the streets of London – surely these would make him a skilful investigator. He admired the police so she invented a partner for him, a professional policeman from Bow Street.

The four books in the series so far are published by Sapere Books and available on Amazon. Number five: At Midnight in Venice comes out in September, 2019.

Books by Jean Briggs

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  • Death at Hungerford Stairs

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  • Murder by Ghostlight


  • The Quickening and The Dead


  • At Midnight in Venice


  • The Redemption Murders


  • Murder by Magic (Short Story)