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Martin Daley


Martin has been writing for almost thirty years. He writes fiction, non-fiction and is a one of Story Terrace’s team of ghost writers.

As well as being a writer, Martin runs his own workplace investigation company and is also a qualified Will Consultant, associated with Accord Legal Services LTD.

Like many crime writers his favourite literary characters are Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. And like many others, he couldn’t resist writing a pastiche involving our two heroes some years ago. The story was predominantly set in his home city of Carlisle where a former army colleague of Watson appeals to his old friend for help in recovering the local regiment’s prize trophy – the Arroyo Drums.

In the story Martin introduced his own Detective Inspector, Cornelius Armstrong. Feeling it was a bit of a cliché to have Holmes make a buffoon of the local policeman, he avoided following this path as he intended to subsequently give Cornelius his own adventures. Inspector Armstrong therefore took his own bow in 2011. The fourth volume of his casebook appeared in December 2020.

The Inspector Armstrong series is published by MX Publishing.

Martin will return to Holmes and Watson this year as two of his stories will appear in anthologies edited by Maxim Jakubowski and David Marcum respectively.



Books by Martin Daley

  • The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong Vol I

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  • The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong Vol II

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  • The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong Vol III

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  • The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong Vol IV

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