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Jim Fraser


Jim Fraser is research professor in forensic science at the University of Strathclyde and has spent his career as a forensic scientist and expert witness, analysing evidence, investigating crime scenes and giving expert testimony in court. He has been involved in many high-profile cases in the UK including Robert Black the serial child killer, Rachel Nickell, Damilola Taylor and the death of the MI6 operative Gareth Williams.  Jim was previously Head of Forensic Investigation for Kent police and also worked in the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory in London and as Head of Forensic Biology in Lothian and Borders Police (now Police Scotland). Jim is a past president of the of the professional body for forensic science (Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences) and a former Associate Director of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research. He has advised many public agencies including police organisations in the UK and abroad, the Scottish government, the Scottish parliament, the UK Parliament and the Home Office. For example, he was expert advisor to the Scottish Parliamentary inquiry into the Shirley McKie case and the Independent Review of Biometrics in Policing in Scotland.

Jim is a member of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission and in that capacity has reviewed many high-profile cases including the Lockerbie bombing.

Jim is an experienced media commentator and has appeared on TV, radio and in the press. He was awarded an Honorary DSc by Abertay University in 2006.

Books by Jim Fraser

  • Murder Under the Microscope - A Personal History of Homicide


  • Forensic Science - A Very Short Introduction


  • The Handbook of Forensic Science (with Robin Williams)