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Paul Gitsham

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Paul Gitsham started his career as a biologist: after gaining a PhD in molecular biology, he worked in laboratories in Manchester and Toronto, before retraining as a science teacher. Along the way he had spells as the world’s most over-qualified receptionist and spent time working for a major UK bank, ensuring that terrorists, foreign dictators and other international ne’er do wells hadn’t embarrassed the institution by managing to deposit their ill-gotten gains in a Children’s Trust Fund.

Paul’s final school reports from primary school said that he would never achieve anything if his handwriting didn’t improve; a somewhat kinder note urged him to become the next Roald Dahl. If anything, his handwriting has got worse and, unless Mr Dahl also wrote police procedurals under a pseudonym, he has failed on both counts.

Paul is the author of the DCI Warren Jones series, soon numbering eight entries.

The latest in the series, Forgive Me Father, will  be published in June 2019.

Books by Paul Gitsham

  • The Last Straw: A DCI Warren Jones Novel (#1)

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  • No Smoke Without Fire: A DCI Warren Jones Novel (#2)


  • Blood is Thicker Than Water: A DCI Warren Jones Short Story (#2.5)


  • Silent as the Grave: A DCI Warren Jones Novel (#3)


  • A Case Gone Cold: A DCI Warren Jones Novella (#3.5)


  • The Common Enemy: A DCI Warren Jones Novel (#4)


  • A Deadly Lesson: A DCI Warren Jones Novella (#4.5)


  • Forgive Me Father: A DCI Warren Jones Novel (#5)