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Mike Hollow

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Mike Hollow writes the Blitz Detective series of novels, set in 1940, when the Blitz is wreaking destruction on the Victorian terraces and dockland slums of West Ham, on the eastern side of London. The bombs rain down night after night, sleep is scarce and life uncertain, but crime doesn’t stop. For Detective Inspector John Jago of the Metropolitan Police, a murder is still a murder, and justice must be done.

Mike was born in West Ham and raised in Romford, studied languages at Cambridge, worked for the BBC and for the development agency Tearfund, and then went freelance as a copywriter, journalist and editor. He’s also a professional translator of Russian. In recent years all that’s been pushed to one side by his books, which he writes in the cellar of his home in Hampshire. The first two in the series, The Blitz Detective and The Canning Town Murder, were published by Allison & Busby in paperback and ebook in July 2020, and the third and fourth, The Custom House Murder and The Stratford Murder,  in December 2020. The fifth, The Dockland Murder, was published in March 2021, and he’s now working on the sixth.

Mike’s married to Margaret, with two grown-up children and four granddaughters.

Books by Mike Hollow

  • The Blitz Detective

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  • The Canning Town Murder

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  • The Custom House Murder

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  • The Stratford Murder

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  • The Dockland Murder

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