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Neil Humphreys

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Neil Humphreys grew up on an East London council estate, moved to Singapore when he was 21 and somehow became one of the best-selling authors in the country. Humphreys has written 25 books, in many different genres, including humorous social commentaries and travelogues, middle grade children’s books and pre-school, illustrated eco-adventures. But Humphreys’ move into crime fiction brought him international success. His Inspector Low thrillers chronicle a brilliant Chinese detective trying to solve cases and retain his sanity. The three novels – Marina Bay Sins, Rich Kill Poor Kill and Bloody Foreigners – will be released on paperback in early 2022. The first two are set in Singapore. Bloody Foreigners took Low to London, where both the detective and the author enjoyed his greatest success. 

Books by Neil Humphreys

  • Bloody Foreigners