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Karen Lee Street

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KAREN LEE STREET is a British/ American dual national, a long-time Londoner currently living in Australia. Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster (pbk Sept 2017), set in London 1840, is the first in a mystery trilogy that pairs Edgar Allan Poe and ur-detective C. Auguste Dupin. As Poe and Dupin attempt to unravel a family mystery linked to the late eighteenth century villain the London Monster, they are shadowed by an adversary intent on revenge. The second in the trilogy, Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru (2018) takes place in Philadelphia 1844 and is a mystery involving old enemies, lost soul-mates, ornithomancy, and the legendary jewel of Peru. Edgar Allan Poe and the Empire of the Dead, set in 1849 Paris, will be published October 2019. Karen has extensive experience in screenwriting training and as a script development executive in the European film industry. She was awarded a PhD in Writing from the University of South Wales and her other publications include a number of commissioned screenplays, Writing & Selling Crime Film Screenplays, and Tattoos and Motorcycles, a collection of interconnected short stories that centre on a crime.

Books by Karen Lee Street

  • Edgar Allan Poe and The London Monster (Point Blank)

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  • Writing and Selling: Crime Film Screenplays (Creative Essentials)

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  • Tattoos and Motorcycles


  • Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru

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