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Tymo Lin, novelist, columnist and book critic, Lin is also an author member of the Crime Writers of Canada, and director of the Mystery Writers of Taiwan.  Lin was a finalist in The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards for 2015, a mystery critic for, contract writer for ETtoday (Taiwan), columnist for Distinctive Taste magazine (San Francisco), World Journal Weekly (New York) and The Mess-Age (Taiwan).

He was born in Taipei, currently living in Canada, and graduated from The Vancouver Film School – 3D Animation & Visual Effects. He was a columnist for nine years in North America and has frequently been giving lectures about mystery writing to readers in Taiwan and the USA.

His award winning mystery novel, The Thermosphere Murders, is about two American astronauts’ murder cases and the abnormal explosion of a Russian spacecraft returning from the imaginary space station, The Universal Space Station. This unique new type of mystery was selected to be one of the top 3 finalists in The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards and is currently in circulation at the San Francisco Public Library.

He became a full time novelist after receiving the mystery award and has published seven books since 2015. His 2016 novel, The Palace of Firebirds, it is a mystery and a love story spanning half a century, from the modern computer age back to those years when thousands of US Armed Forces from the Vietnam War were taking R&R in Taiwan.

Lin also co-translated one of the Mystery Writers of America’s books, Writing Mysteries, into the Chinese language published by Marco Polo Press in 2018. One of Lin’s novels, Wake Me Up at Happyland, has been nominated by the Taiwan Cultural Bureau to be included in the Taiwan pavilion at the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

Other Awards

The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards – Finalist (2015)
The 10th Mystery Writers of Taiwan Awards – 1st stage nomination

Books by Tymo Lin

  • The Thermosphere Murders | Secret Chamber in the Thermosphere


  • The Palace of Firebirds


  • Aquatic Eye


  • Tracing The Sun, Spanning Over the 30°N Latitude


  • The Third Part of The Stars of Heaven


  • Hello from the Children of Planet Earth