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Christos Markogiannakis

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Christos Markogiannakis was born in Iraklion, Greece in 1980.

He studied Law and Criminology in Athens and Paris. He currently lives in Paris, where he is conducting his research on the Representation of Murder in art and conceptualises criminartistic installations, inspired by visual combinations of crime and art.

He publishes books on the aesthetics of murder (The Louvre Murder Club, Le Passage, 2017 – The Orsay Murder Club, Le Passage, 2018) and crime-fiction novels (Au 5e étage de la faculté de droit, Albin Michel, 2018 – Mourir en scène, Albin Michel, 2020).


Other Awards

Scènes de crime au Louvre (French version of The Louvre Murder Club): National Literary Essay Award 2017 (France)

Au 5e étage de la faculté de droit: The Var Academy Award 2018 (France), The Balai D’Or 2019 (France)