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Bryan J Mason

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Bryan J Mason wrote Shaking Hands with the Devil, a black comedy about a serial killer in the late 1980s, but reluctantly put it away in a drawer after his agent Carolyn Whitaker from London Independent Books narrowly failed to get it published.  Although he was encouraged to submit more work, he disappointedly put the draft away in a drawer and tried to forget about being an author.  He dug the manuscript out every ten years or so and each time he did was surprised to find that he still found it funny. He decided to try again after making some changes, including firmly placing the action in the late ʼ80s and early ʼ90s for today’s reader. And the book is now published.  It is 30 years late, but its arrived just at the right time.

He has worked as a brush salesman and rent collector, made sound effects for BBC Radio and been a tax inspector and occasional actor. He writes regular theatre reviews for StageTalk Magazine and Bristol 24/7.

He is  currently working on a new novel featuring a Jewish detective investigating a series of serial killings in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, called An old Tin Can.

He lives in Bristol with his wife and has two children in their twenties.

Books by Bryan J Mason

  • Shaking Hands with the Devil

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