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Terry Newman


Terry Newman was a research lecturer, working on heart and lung function, who one day happened to find himself in the BBC’s Broadcasting House writing comedy. He is still rather vague about how this happened, but after he decided that writing was more fun than sitting at an electron microscope in the dark, he has gone on to write comedy and drama, with some success, for TV, film, radio, Internet, animation, games and the stage.

His first novel, published by Harper Voyager: ‘Detective Strongoak and the Case of the Dead Elf’ introduced the well-dressed, axe-wielding, Master Detective Nicely Strongoak and was a #1 Kindle Bestseller. Nicely’s adventures continued in ‘The King of Elfland’s Little Sister’ and the new Detective Strongoak novel: ‘Dwarf Girls Don’t Dance’, published by Monkey House.

Terry now works in a nice bright room with a view of the Sussex Weald, where he also helps write musicals, but he does sometimes still miss his microscope.

Books by Terry Newman

  • Detective Strongoak and the Case of the Dead Elf


  • The King of Elfland's Little Sister


  • Dwarf Girls Don't Dance