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S W Perry


S W Perry is the pen name of former journalist and broadcaster Steve Perry Wood. Fired by a love of words, his original ambition was to be an actor. Mercifully for his future (and his bank-balance) he failed abjectly in his audition with the National Youth Theatre, when he completely forgot the entire abdication speech from Richard II he’d been learning during school break.
Steve joined Radio 210 in 1977, working as a news reporter. He went on to work for LBC, presenting news programs and reading the news on IRN, the ITN of the commercial radio network. In the early eighties he indulged his passion for flying and gained his commercial pilots licence. Leaving broadcasting behind, he took up aviation and spent the next thirty years flying for a living, ending up as a senior captain , carrying holidaymakers to the sunshine all over the world.
Steve is married to Jane, an ex-special needs teacher (an ideal background to have when choosing an aspiring writer as a spouse). They live in rural Worcestershire.
The Angel’s Mark, S W Perry’s debut novel, is published by Corvus Books, an imprint of Atlantic Publishing. It features a young, idealistic physician, Nicholas Shelby, who becomes enmeshed in a world of conspiracy and murder in the dark side of Elizabethan London, when he has cause to question the veracity of sixteenth century medical knowledge. The sequel, The Serpent’s Mark, was published in June 2019. A third and fourth are in progress.

Books by S W Perry

  • The Angel's Mark
  • The Serpent's Mark