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Pamela St AbbsPamela St Abbs


Pamela St Abbs was born to RAF parents who took her at three months old to California USA. As a toddler she returned to England where she moved about with her parents until settling in Norfolk.

The first Inspector Campbell mystery, Smoke Shadows, was inspired by the scenery Pamela was surrounded by while she was growing up. As a local government employee she worked on the Fens of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, and Water Weal was stimulated by her contact with the area. The magnificent wildness of the Wash with its sandbanks and mud flats fascinated her and shaped the third book in the series, Twisting Tide. The fourth Inspector Campbell Mystery has the background of the North Norfolk’s open sandy coast, an area frequently visited and enjoyed by Pamela. She now lives in Scotland with her husband.

Pamela also writes Medieval Mysteries as Mary Bale.



Books by Pamela St Abbs

  • Twisting Tide


  • Journey To St Abbs


  • Smoke Shadows


  • Water Weal

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  • Threads of Treason


  • Shifting Sands