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Belinda Bauer The Shut Eye
Goldsboro Books

Gold Dagger 2015


Belinda Bauer

The Shut Eye

Published by: Transworld Publishers/Bantam Press

Five small footprints in cement: The only sign that four-year-old Daniel Buck was ever here. Anna Buck still obsessively guards her son’s footprints every day, as she spirals towards insanity. At the same time, cynical detective John Marvel is consumed by catching the killer of a twelve-year-old girl. As the two meet on a path to self-destruction, their obsessions collide over the dubious claims of a strange man who claims he is a psychic. But is this man a visionary who can help Anna and John to solve their tragic mysteries, whatever the reality? Or is he a callous predator, tormenting the weak and bereaved? Or is he something far more dangerous . . .

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