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Our Library Champions are:

John Dean (Scotland)

Priscilla Masters (England)

Library Champions are an important point of contact between libraries and the CWA. To contact John or Cilla, or for further information, please contact the CWA Secretary.

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Dagger Winners 2021

Dagger Shortlists 2021 – Download PDF of all shortlists.

Margery Allingham Short Mystery Prize 2022.

Debut Dagger 2022.

The CWA passionately believes in libraries and, while taking no active political role, works where it can to support and encourage their work.

We do this in several ways.

1. By fostering communication and cooperation to mutual benefit between CWA author members and libraries. We have two Library Champions in Cilla Masters and John Dean to initiate, oversee and liaise wherever we can.

How does this work? On a practical level, if you’d like a crime writer to talk at an event at your library, we’ll do our best to find you one. If you’re already holding an event and you would like us to help promote it, let us know (with as much notice as possible) and, where appropriate, we will publicise it to our members and also to our thousands of Crime Readers’ Association subscribers. This is especially the case, of course, where a CWA member is one of the participating authors. We also work wherever we can to support libraries and are open to hearing your views of how we can do that.

2. National Crime Reading Month. The CWA’s initiative promotes events and reading projects that happen in June (from 2021). Libraries are major hosts.

We have a dedicated webpage for this where events are listed according to geographical region. If you’re looking for an author, suggestions on how to set up an event or publicity for an event you already have planned: contact us.

3. Literature that’s connected with the CWA that you and your borrowers might also find useful.
We can supply digital posters and flyers for you to use in your library, helping to make you more indispensable than ever to the aspiring writer and the public at large.

About/Join the Crime Readers’ Association poster

4. Competitions that support writers. For example, the CWA Margery Allingham Short Story competition, and the Debut Dagger competition for the opening of a crime novel from an unpublished writer.


5. The competition that supports readers, borrowers and libraries: Dagger in the Library.

The Crime Writers’ Association Dagger awards are the longest established literary awards in Britain and the Dagger in the Library has a special place in the lexicon. It’s a different kind of Dagger from the others. For one thing, it’s awarded to a crime writer for a body of work that is popular with borrowers, rather than for one book. For another, it’s libraries who nominate, not publishers. For more information on Dagger in the Library click here.


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You might also be interested in the CRA site: . Here you can find out more about our authors’ books and sign up for bimonthly Case Files and the regular CRA newsletter.

Keep in touch

The CWA believes in libraries. As well as being key participants in the Dagger in the Library award, libraries are key during National Crime Reading Month in May. We aim to share and support libraries’ activities and events through that site which is kept up-to-date from January to July and in general wherever we can throughout the year.

To keep in touch, and receive occasional news and information, please sign up here. You will need one nominated person with an email address to access these resources and a password is provided. Do keep a note of these. All digital promotional materials are free, as is promotion for your library’s activities during National Crime Reading Month on our website:

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